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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

College of 

Liberal Arts 


375 Church Street 

North Adams, MA, 01247 

volume 3 

"Success seems to be 
connected with 
action. Successful 
people keep moving. 
They make 
mistakes hut they 
donoi quit" 

( 'onrad Hilton 









Officer Mitchell, Campus Police 
Officer, on patrol during a quiet 
night on campus. 


Christina Landeta walks to class 
through the Quad on a beautiful 
fall dav in the Berkshires. 

\l<c>\ r 

I he shuttle offers students 
transportation to the Berkshire 
Mall, \\ .il Marl and many othei 
destinations in town 

Who's got spirit? 
Right: Rebecca Relyea, Heather 
Davis, Corrinn Shogry, and Jake 
Stapleton show their full support 
at a basketball game. 

riel Picharc 


'My favorite 

memory of the year 

would have to be 

playing football on 

the back lawn with 

the rest of 

Townhouse 69." 

''My best memory 

is always being 

asked by Faculty 

and Staff members 

to become a 

student leader. 

Now here I am...." 


Scott Greenberg is trying to get the 
crowd jumping at the hypnotist. 


Rachel DeSautels, Karri Schnoger, 
Samantha Morrissey, and Ryan 
Kelly relax on one of MCLA's few 
snow days. 


Tabatha Beshears attempts to take 
on two faculty members during 
December's Faculty v. Student 
Basketball game put on by mem- 
bers of the R.P.S staff. 


Remember when... 

Taking a look back at the year on the MCLA campus 

Top Left: 

African American Studies Club presi- 
dent Carla DeBrito speaks at one of the 
mam successful Poetic Cypha's that 
AASC put on throughout the year 


Top Right: 

It shows that utilizing the library 's 
sources is quite easj as Nathaniel I lusse) 
studies tor an upcoming exam. 

Bottom Left 

Alex Shultz has a good time celebrating 
her birthda\ 


Bottom Right: 

Nate Muir is enjoying one of \ ' 
Poeti< c \ pha's 


"Success is awarded to those who dream of 
endless possibilities. Who through determina- 
tion and perseverance continue climbing moun- 
tains and following rainbows. The struggles which 
we endure, the battles in which we engage, and 
the conflicts in which we encounter help us gain; 
a better perspective of life. It is the benefit of these 
experiences that give our life meaning/ 7 

- Anonymous 


Senior Bengey Asse smiles for the 
camera with Ashlev Green. 


Ryan Hanley stole the lead as 
Robin in the FPA Fall production: 
Robin Hood. 


Senior Katie Johnson has left her 
mark on the campus with her 
talent and inspiration for aspiring 

\bo\ r 

\im t esai io is shown here ilm ing 
c on\ oi ation l Hnnei before 
mingling *\ ith her ad\ isees 


Kristen Hurlej and Mike Gentile 
minx theii l-isi yeai In the s >. • \ 

r-| Favorite memory at MCL A 




"Dont cry because 
it's over, smile 
because it 
happened/' Dr. 

1 n 





be my 


advisor of 



Sally Silveria 

"Being a member of 

Dance Company, and 

being a student here first 

semester of fall 2004." 

Tara Moyna 

Suzanne Altman 

Melissa Annear 

Bengey Asse 

Katherine Augustine 

Danielle Barboza 

Sarah Blair 

Jennifer Bo 

Jennifer Bonesteel 

Jodi Browning 

Diana Cardoso 

Alex Charalambous 

Jeffrey Culligan 

Jennifer Daub 

Heather Davis 

Rachel Dayton 


II smiles; Rich Thomas enjoys a 
ick bite to eat. 

Dori Wark catches a tree moment 
to take a picture. 


Danielle Barboza and Jessica 

Wenig enjoy a dinner out with 


l eft \i<iiw 

Sail) Silveria is read) foi .1 night ol While hanging out b) SGA'awin 

duty at Hoosa( ll-ill ter carnival bonfire these seniors 

h.iv e .1 good tune 

Anthony Dedrick Jr. 

Jennifer Dermady 

Christine Dipaolo 

Michael Driscoll 

Andrew Etman 

Ryan Fitzpatrick 

Mary Francese 

William Gelinas 

Jacqueline Genereau 

Patricia Gillis 

Michael Giovine 

Adam Giroux 

Catherine Glaser 

Amber Godfrey 

Crowletta Hardy 

Julie Harkins 
Laura Harrington 

Shakira Hart 
Allyson Hurlburt 
Chalres Imafidon 

Theresa Johnson 

Daniel Jowett 

Debra Kaczowski 

Ithai Larsen 

Randy LeBlanc 

Class of 2006 


Favorite place on campus 




memories to last 

a lifetime. 

8 I 

other room'." 

Ryan Fitzpatrick 

"The quad on a 
nice day, espe- 
cially when 
professors take 
classes out there.' 

Kara Tajima 

Jess Wenig 

I fee fin Lee 

I li/hvth I i-w is 

Jillian Lorenz 
Man 1 ovelj 

I i-.i \lamolito 

Maggie Mango 
Sarah Martin 
I ori Mi Kenzie 
Michelle McNeil 

I ohm Modon 

Vanessa Men ado 
Benjamin M« t. 
I.ii.i Mo) na 
Matthew Murphy 
Sara t. )akes 


-| Favorite North Adams eatery: [■ 



North Adams 

has been a 

"home" to many 


through the 

years. What will 

you miss when 

you leave? 


Erin Good 


Congziu Ou 

Linsey Pelletier 

Christopher Phelon 

Ariel Pichardo 

Nicholas Randall 

Eric Reese 

Celeste Roeller 

Catherine Rymsha 

Sarah Schnell 

Bonnie Schott 

Sally Silveria 

Michael Smachetti 

Calcene Smith 

Kaitlin Smith 

Melanie Somes 


Class of 200 

Anna Stein 
Laura Svvirk 
Kara Tajima 
Katelyn Taxiera 
Richard Thorns 

Joshua Tiska 
Sarah Varno 
Stephanie Walker 
Doriane Wark 
Jennifer Wasicsko 

[essica Wenig 
Vanessa White 
Douglas W ilder 
[essica Williams 
Betsej Willis 

lames Wilnsz 

[.eft: Rian 
Rabideau ^v 
Kristen I lurlej 
seen here dri\ ing 
the \K I \ van 
on .1 R \ trip 



The great use of life is to spend it for something 
that will outlast it." - William James 

Top left: Misty Keyes tables for the Center for Service. Seconc 
down: Ryan Hanley Issac Sussman, Erin Good, and Kati( 
Toohil are all dolled up for the fall play: Robin Hood. Thirc 
down: Members of the Pines sorority get together to show true 
sisterhood. Bottom left: James Gaffga and Alex Bailey ge 
together to show support for Hoosac Hall. 


Matt Dunne takes a break from all 
of his work to flash us a quick 

Left: Klotz and Adrienne 

Fitzgerald show us their 
from a RA fashion show during 


STARS members come together to 

smile at a Mocktails event. 

lett: kbOVC 

fhese three ladies are seen belting Students enjo) .1 round ol mini 
out tunes at •< karoke e\ ent goll In the quad 


Student Government Associatior 




Top left: Annie Ruvolo, 
Anne Kirkpatrick, Celia 
Norcross, and Kristen 
Hurley pause before a 
S.G.A meeting for a quick 

Top right: Senators Sarah 
Russell and Amanda 
Boudreault flash their 
smiles right after a 

Middle left: Kara Tajima, 
and Jessica Wenig both 
senators for SGA. 

Bottom left: Rian 

Rabideau serves up some 
chowder for Kristen 
Hurley and Anne 
Kirkpatrick at this year's 
family weekend. 

Bottom right: Mike 
Gentile and Celia 
Norcross smile wide 
during a E-board meeting. 

Senator Tabatha Beshears 


Trustee Daniel Summers 

Parlimentarian [fall 2005] 

Jake Brundige 

Senator James Fitch 

Senator Max Drawert 

Programs of 
2005 - 2006 


December 14, 2005 

Midnight Madness Faculty v. Student 

ttober is, 2005 Basketball 

December 1, 2005 

Winter Carnival 

ebnumi 20 - 24th 2006 

Valentine's Gala 

February 11, 2006. 


!i i. in \ Maureen C herry, 
irlimentarian [Spring of 20061 
u ten |oyner, and Public 
stations chair Jessica Sokol get 
igether to discuss the agenda. 


elping hands: Marcelle Bastille, 
id i atie I .K hapelle i an be seen 
ound i ampus at numerous 
imiIs in either lend a hand, oi 
ippoi i other groups. 

Clubs and 

The Beacon 

Back row: Amanda Missel, Lori Mackenzie, Ryan Bissonette [efl Culligan Mike 
Douglass, i arissa I verett, Melanie c arvalho, and advisot [en Augur Front Row: 
Callie Smith, Courtne) 1 LeweUyn, Don Wark, fenn Dermandy, Kan rajima 

WJJW 91.1 

Back row: Christine DiPaulo, Brian Millet Nicholas Barnes Hayle) rraanoi Ma* 

Clark. Middle row: (Crystal Grou \mandaTowne Michelle Bushee \nn i> 

ressiei I rontrow:AmandaMisseU,KarieDaniels,< arissa I verett i hristine Robichard 

( iii i ellowship 

iij.k row .' Middia !.•«• 

1 1. >ni row 

Right: Krista Roche, and Marisa Parker 
share a piece of writing at a Poetic Cypha 

Below: Jen Vohs and Maureen Cherry 
enjoy all the free samplings at SAC's fam- 
ily weekend. 

Clubs & Organizations 


Back Row: Misty Keyes, Theresa Radley, Christen Sempell, Sarah 
Mcnamara, Steve Hamilton, Christopher Rodick, Joey Defreese, Emily 
Sigler. Middle Row: Tiffany Greenly, Nikita Kirchner-Bean, James 
Fitch, Juliana Mazza, Rebecca Relyea, Kathleen Jackson. Bottom Row: 
Megan Markland, Christy Vlach, Valerie Hill 

Political Science Club 

Back Row: Brian Miller, Nate Muir, Jessica Sokol, Kevin Sul 
Bottom Row: Matthew Nieves, Eric "Max" Drawert, Peter Fitzge 


■ it i^^n 9^^^^^^^^^P 

one ciud qt a Time 

Left: Above: 

Students enjo) a luni h in On theii way oul ol .» meel 
the ( entennial Room ing, these girls take •> mo 

menl tobe< aptured on tilm 


Clubs & 

Bowling Club 
Back Row: Christopher Rodick, Michelle Hansen, 
Fred Karl, Jennifer Vohs, Sally Silveria. Front Row: 
Courtney Shea, Julie Rier, Julie Jordan, Corrinn 

Sigma Gamma Phi 
Back row: Sarah Carol, Melanie Somes, Kristin 
Whitney, Heather Davis, Emily Sigler, Stephanie 
Romig, Amanda Boudreault. Front Row: Sarah Flint, 
Kate Augustine, Suzanne Altmen, Maggie Mango 




Conservative Union 
Back Row: Troy Gardner,Mike Harrington, Daniel 
Townsend Front Row: Celeste Roeller, Rachel Dayton 


Theresa Radley is the Special 
Events chair of SAC and can con- 
stantly be found planning a lot of 
fun activities for the campus. 


Jen Bo and Heather Harris serve 
up cotton candy at SAC's welcome 


Below: Catie 
LaChapelle awaits 
patiently for the 
SAC meeting to 

Left: Teddy 
Bourgeois and 
ke\ in Lyons are 
dressed to pump 
up the corwd at 
Midnight Madness 

>>w: Ben Lamb, 
i Matt Dunne 
I off their bobb 
>i frames from 
1 's Welcome 

I .it let t: 1 he members of S u show 
then goof) side foi .1 group photo 

l eft s h.n ke\ •. is ,iU\ ,i\ s .i\ ailable 
foi students to pla) .1 variety of 
game-, watch movies and televi 
sion 01 it can be a fun place to just 

hang out 

Below left: Julia Simpson and Katie 
VinAnden share a quick smile with us 
before heading to a basketball game. 

Right: Adrienne Fitzgerald, and Jen Rosen 
are all smiles before watching a 
cheerleading competition. 

Clubs & Organizations 

Multi-Cultural Student Society 
Back row: Christina Landeta, Courtney Shea. 
Front row: Latoya Jones, Miranda Brown. 


First row: Omar Leonard, Jessica Manna 


Above: These students went in killer 
costumes to Monster Mash as the villians 
of Batman. 

Left: Students get the chance to dance the 
night away at Monster Mash. 

Below: Stefani Veratti, Michelle 
Hansen, and Bria Wilbur enjoy snac ks 
and share stories at Hoosac Hall's 
Welcome Back Fest. 

Far I ett: Students love to hang 
out in the I [arbor espe< tally 

w Inn then- i^ ,i s\l (. omed) 

Stop e\ ent. 

I ett: Ke\ in I teSantis o,.iin 

bling at t lu- \\ el< ome w eek 
c asino Night 


Top row: Emily Sigler, Joey Defreese, Meghan Rogers, Kathy Monteiro, 
James Farrington, Maureen Cherry, Megan McClain, Ashley Ewick, 
Kristen Hurley, Heather Davis, Heather Harris. Middle row: Tabatha 
Beshears, Sally Silveria, Becky Reylea, Corrinn Shogry, Michelle Hansen, 
Pam Klotz, Courtney Parker. Bottom row: Adrienne Fitzgerald, Rian 
Rabideau, Mallary Mello, Jake Stapledon 


,'j»\ ^ 

R~ ~-p 






Residential Programs 

and Services 

Faculty & Staff 



Forever paving the roads for the future. 
- unknown 

Some of the lovely ladies of the third floor of the Campus Center, 
starting from top left: Diane Collins, Judy Ozolins, Charlotte 
Degen, Theresa O'Bryant & Annie Ruvolo 

Professors are always seen 
milling about the campus prepar- 
ing for their classes. 


The Facilities Staff I earn from 
Hoosac Hall: Chit Copeland, 
Nettie Joy & Julie Hebert. 


Beth Petri, Director of Financial 
Aid, i>. always ready to help 

\h<>\ e 

Denise Richardello and 
Mend. ill are aeen here meeting In 
the I Idridge hall conference room 

Steve Green is caught on film in 
his office working on Important 

V .uKmhk ad\ am ements 

Faculty, Staff & Administration 

Bob Bence 

Ann Billetz 

Sue Birns 

Peggy Brooks 

Sherry Burdick 

Bob Bucley 

Jared Ciempa 

Diane Collins 

Thomas Cook 

Charlotte Degen 

Gerry Desmarais 

Joseph Ebiware 

Wesley Flinn 

Erica Forrest 

Mike Ganger 
Rivka Glaser 
Rita Janeczek 

Amalio Jusino 

Ben Kahn 

Ellen Kalicki 

Madeline Levy 

John Lopes 

John Meehan 

Jocelyn Merrick 

Andrew Mitchell 

Bill Montgomery 

Spencer Moser 

Scott Nichols 

Paul Nnodim 

Celia Norcross 

Theresa O'Bryant 

Judy Ozolins 

Richard Pothier 

Annie Ruvolo 

Dawn Schrade 

Stan Spiewak 

Jerry Smosky 

James Stakenas 

Chris Thomas 

Myles Whitney 

Carl Villanueva 



p is for faculty 

Far Left: John 
Lopes can be 
seen meeting 
with students in 
Sharkv s 

Left: Members of 
the faculty gather 
in a conference 
room in Eldridge 

Below: Lori 
Gazzillo is seen 
here working on 
important press 
releases for the 

Left: Faculty lunch hour is a great time to connect with col- Above: Stan Spiewak and \nd\ Mitchell let loose at theRA Bowling night. 

Dear Members of the Class of 2006: 

I would like to offer mv most sincere congratulations on your graduation 
from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts I his is an extreme!) special 
class for me - especially those of you who have been here for the past 
lour years because we started our journe) at MCI A together. I began mv 
tenure as president in September 2002. the same year main of you were 
coming to campus tor the first time as freshmen. 

Whether you have hecn here for lour yean or one. earning a 
baccalaureate or master's degree is .1 significant accomplishment of 
which you should be extreme!) proud; I know that we are all ver\ proud 
of you! I can also assure you thai youi degree from MCI A will serve >ou 
well as vou continue on in your pursuits throughout youi lives 

As vou look hack on your college career, vou will cherish the bonds vou 

have created with faculty, staff and classmates main of these wonderful 

friendships that will Bta) with you foievci Please keep us informed of 

your activities and accomplishments as I know there will be man) Ks 

alumni vou w ill he out best examples of success and w ill save .is 
important role models foi future students. Please stay in touch, ami visit 

Since 1 became president fout years ago, we have accomplished a great 

deal .11 \u I \ ( >ne iiimg is certain; none of it would he possible without 

all of VOU I am so pleased w c have taken this loumev together, and that I 

have come to know so mam of you personally For me, it will be 

bittersweet to see vou all go, Inn I lake comfort in knowing thai vou .lie 

oil to accomplish even more Besi wishes foi mhu> good health and 

happiness, and I look forward U) calling vou fellow alumni 

Sincere!) . 

Mary K Grant, Ph D 


"Sports do not build character, they reveal it. 
- John Wooden 

Above: Sara Miller, Taylor Kenyon, Rachel Desautels, Samantha 
Morrisey, Danielle Weber, Christina Murray, Karri Schnoger, and Ryan 
Kelly show their fan support. 

Top left: Meghan Coakley shows young girls the drills involved with 
playing soccer. Second down: Gian Franco Bravo power kicks the ball 
down the field. Third down: Danielle Tyer shows the crowd a nice jump 
shot. Bottom Left: Set up for a good return Annie Desire, Carolyn 
Golden, and Felicia Yuzenko wait for the opposing team to serve. 

Varsity Division III 

Men's Soccer 

Men's Basketball 



Women's Volleyball 

Women's Soccer 

Women's Basketball 


Cross Country 

Women's Tennis 


Just playing the game. 

Adam Garner gets 
ready to steal the ball 
from the opposing team. 

"Winning takes talent, to repeat 
takes character," John Wooden 

At Left: Members of the Men's 
soccer team share their victory at 
this years Olimpiad competition. 

Sharing their talent 
Below: Student athletes from all dif- 
ferent teams were up at the break of 
dawn on January 21st preparing lor 
a morning filled with young female 
athletes from around the town. Al- 
ter spending the morning teaching 
skills, the athletes brought the chil- 
dren to the Women's and Men's bas- 
ketball games. 


Left: \i'n. 

llusNK i Igolfei winds up for a Members of the cheerleading team 
powerful swing. sit during the Olimpiad tourna 

men) aw ating to heai w ho ia oi^ 


Women's Soccer 

Fall Season 


Back row: Coach Deb Raber, Kristean Kissel, Taylor Kenyon, Sarah Miller, Christine Barna, Ryar 
Kelly, Samantha Morrissey. Middle row: Stephanie Walker, Danielle Weber, Meghan Coakley 
Katelyn Taxiera, Katelin Lorenz, Lisa Merrill, Christina Murray. Bottom row: Michelle MacDonald 
Kristen Lewis, Jen Rafterty, Rachel DeSautels, Karri Schnoger, Sandra Sheridan. 

f\ K>\ 


Men's Soccer 

Fall Season 


Back row: Adam Tomich, Edwin Escobar, Brian Szabo, Edward Hammond, David Corral, Mike 
Giovine, Zach Natale, Sebastian Perez-Lawrence, Jason Mlodzianowski, Camilo Bermudez, 
Head Coach Shewcraft. Bottom Row: Raul Escobar,Gianfranco Bravo, David Ewell, Joe Erwin, 
Chris Whalen, Brendan McCarthy, Ciaran Cullen, Marc Capaldo, Kyle Righi, Marcel Pierre- 
Louis,Chris Russo, Kyle Love. 

Men's Baseball 

Spring '05 Season 


Back row: Edward Richards, Patric k Barnes, Paul McManus, Andrew * iaines, Ryan Bridegroom, 
( or) Burtman, Matthew Burke, Steven Sullivan,Mat1 Murphy> fames Pesente, Anthonj Bruno 
Nick Randall, Steven I )eSantis. Middle row: Darren Jefferson, tathon) Russo, Seamus Morrison, 
Ru k\ Roberts, Bob I lowland, ( iary I Ik ks 

Women's Basketball 



Back row: Danielle Weber, Kristean Kissel, Danielle Tyer, Kristen Lewis, Assistant coach Betsey 
Willis, Coach Holly McGovern. Bottom row: Jackie Bailor, Dianna Blanchard, Taylor Kenyon, 
Rachel DeSaultels, Jakia Hall. 


Men's Basketball 

Back row: Assistant coach Andrew Santandera, Robert Malloy, Bran- 
don Pender, Steve Abeillie, Henry Schrader, Chris Voght, Mike Callahan, 

Coach Devin Gotham. Front row: J. P. Quintal, Brian Phillips,Mike 
Harmon, Thad Broughton, Adam Garner. 

Women's Softball 

Spring '05 Season 



Sports cont. 


dub sports inaction 

Club Sports 

Mkido Club-Bowling Club-Boxing Club-Cheerleading-Dance Company- 
datari-Lacrosse-Women's Rugby-Ski Club-Outdoor Trailblazers-Volleyball 


9 l 


«v ^jj 

Ww ^^1 




%'' m 

4 -^^l 







W* " 

Below: Right: 

The men's soccer team huddles Fundamentals mean everything: 

together during half time to go Meghan Coakley demonstrates 

over plays for the next half. how to dribble a ball. 

What was your 
favorite memory 
from the season? 

I "Singing on the long bus trips home to 
keep our spitits high." -Rachel Desautels 
and Samantha Morrissey. 


Thad Broughy is seen here with 
Coach Gotham after he reached 
1000 points in his three years of 


Ladies of the Softball team show 
us their guns. 


Above left: Tavlor Kenvon and 
Rachel Desautels show youngsters 
the meaning of teamwork. Above: 
Christina Murray and Lisa Merrill 
are shown with their trophv from 
the Olimpiad competition. 

Far left: This golfer sure knows 
how to swing. With a powerful hit 
he sends the ball way down the 
green. Left: These tennis players 
are ready for their serve to be re- 




Peer advisors Kara 

Perry and BiL Callahan 

take a break from their 



Students take a break 

from the festivities at 

this years' Midnight 

Madness to take a 

quick picture. 


Lyndsay Isham, 

Heather Davis, 

Michelle Hansen 

i flb 


A kiss shared between 


Celia Norcross is seen 
here re-living the 80's. 

Get Tough! Pam Klotz 
and Public Safety 

Officer Andy Mitchell 
show the campus they 

do not mess around.